Cash loan PLN 10,000 over the internet?

Is it possible to get a cash loan via the Internet also for larger amounts, for example PLN 10,000? It turns out that yes …

We probably know that a small bank loan can be obtained entirely via the Internet, most of you probably know it. What if we want to get a larger loan of PLN 10,000? Will we get such a high loan amount without visiting the bank branch and we will arrange all the necessary formalities without leaving home?

The chances of getting such a loan via the internet are as good as possible. Only that, in truth, only in a few banks and unfortunately not for everyone. We will move to banks in which we will get such a sum in a moment. For a good start I will focus on why not everyone has a chance to get a large loan online. A lot depends in this case on our credit history and also on the current creditworthiness.

PLN 10,000 over the internet

PLN 10,000 over the internet

The best chance of getting a loan of PLN 10,000 100% remotely will be those who both have a good credit history at BIK. So, people who have previously paid at least one loan. In addition, they did it on time and currently have sufficient large incomes, which will allow them to repay loan installments without major obstacles. Equally important in this case is the possibility of confirming our income, eg by sending a certificate of income to the bank. It can also be an electronic statement from your personal account. The latter can be downloaded by logging in to your personal account. Of course, for which we receive a salary and downloading an account statement from the last few months.

One of the banks in which we get a cash loan of PLN 10,000 is mBank. Even before submitting the loan application, we can check what the cost of the loan will be, stating the amount we are interested in and the period in which we intend to repay the loan. In the case of the latter, we have a choice from 3 to even 84 months, of course the lowest cost of the loan will be obtained by selecting the shortest repayment period. In order to get a loan of PLN 10,000 in mBank we will need a valid ID card, access to a personal account for which we receive our monthly salary and of course, access to a computer with internet and telephone.

In the case of incurring a larger amount of credit, it is worth thinking about insuring the repayment of the loan, for example from incapacity to work or illness. This will protect both us and our relatives from unnecessary problems that we may face if we do not repay the loan on time. This option is available for virtually every cash loan offered by banks, including mBank.

We will also be able to count on obtaining a loan of PLN 10 thousand via the Internet as part of the Dynasty Bank offer, which is supervised by the BNP Paribas bank. The loan repayment period we have here is very close to the previously described mBank proposal and ranges from 6 to 84 months. The maximum amount of credit we get online in the case of Dynasty Bank proposals is up to PLN 20,000. Up to this amount, the signing of the credit agreement can be made electronically and the full amount of the loan will be transferred to our bank account.

It is worth to mention at the end of another aspect that is required for online loans, namely, I mean here verification fees. If someone of you previously lent a short-time loan, he certainly met with this verification method. It involves sending a verification fee (in the case of bank loans it is usually PLN 1) from our bank account. Its purpose is to verify the account holder’s details and compare them with the data we provided in the electronic application.