How to renegotiate a payday loan

 Let’s find out how you can renegotiate a payday loan by turning to the major financial and banking banks in circulation. So we will see how to change the conditions of funding offered by Ultranix, Astrofinance, Cleopar, Onecredit and finally also for Government Agency loans, provided by Social Institute at very convenient conditions for employees and pensioners.

How to renegotiate a payday loan with Ultranix

One of the major credit institutions to which we can apply for a loan at excellent conditions is Ultranix. Among the advantages of this company is that of being able to choose a very high duration, which even reaches 120 months. In this way the customer has the possibility to set a rather low repayment installment, so as not to have problems in the monthly payments foreseen by the agreement. If you are in the situation of having to repay more than one loan, provided by both Ultranix and other companies, we will have the opportunity to renegotiate the total financing.

With the Consolidation Debts Ultranix it is indeed possible to unify all the unreimbursed capital related to the various loans into a single debt that we will have with Agos. In this way we will have the advantage of renegotiating the conditions of the loan, choosing the duration that we prefer based on the monthly installments and the applied interest rates, Tan and Taeg, which will remain blocked for the entire duration of the loan. Moreover, with the Debts Consolidation Ultranix you will have the advantage of having to remember only one repayment installment and the possibility to choose the automatic debit of the current account.

Flexible Payday loan Astrofinance: financing that can be renegotiated

There are several financing options offered by Astrofinance that are presented to us on their website. Among the most interesting products there is a flexible payday loan. This type of financing allows the customer to receive a sum of money ranging from 1000 to 60,000 euros, just like the classic payday loan. With the flexible loan option we will have at our disposal some very useful additional services, which will allow us, among other things, to renegotiate our financing, ie to change its characteristics during the repayment period.

With the flexible payday loan of Astrofinance you can change the installment according to our needs. As reported on the company’s website, in fact, after the payment of the first 6 monthly repayment installments, we will be able to use the Change Rata option free of charge. This service is very useful as it allows us to change the amount of the basic installment that we had set at the time the contract was signed. Obviously we will not have complete freedom but we will have to stay within certain limits, but in any case we will be able to lower the installment and consequently extend the duration. If in a certain month we have had to face an unexpected expense we can also take advantage of the Salto Rata service, which will be moved at the end of the refund.

Personal Cleopar Total Flex Loan and Single Loan to renegotiate the loans

Another very interesting product if you are looking for a payday loan with the possibility of modifying its conditions is Cleopar Total Flex. As suggested by the name itself, it is a flexible loan, for which already at the time of the request you have the possibility to choose among the many possible combinations of installment and duration based on the amount at which we are interested. Once the Total Flex loan has been received, during the repayment period, it will be possible to renegotiate the terms of the loan by modifying the monthly repayment amount according to our needs. In particular, we will therefore be able to lower the monthly payment by extending the duration of the loan, without any additional cost. Also once a year up to a maximum of 5 times we can skip the installment, deciding to pay it at the end of the fixed term.

As we have already seen above, a very interesting financing option to renegotiate several loans is debt consolidation, which with Cleopar is called a Single Loan. By choosing this product, we will be able to unify all our loans in progress into a single loan provided by Cleopar. So the amount that can be requested will be equal to the sum of our debts, while the conditions of the financing can be fixed according to our needs.

Onecredit payday loan: how to renegotiate one or more loans

Requirements Findomestic Loan

Among the best payday loans currently available on the market there are certainly those offered by Onecredit. A very interesting product offered on the company’s website is Credit Express Dynamic. This solution has the characteristic of being dynamic, that is to adapt to the needs of the customers. In case of greater financial availability, it is possible to renegotiate the loan in order to fix higher rates in order to pay off the loan early, saving on the total cost of the loan. At the same time you can choose to skip the installment once a year, after paying the first 9 months. Lastly, it is also very useful to top up the loan, which after paying at least 24 repayment installments will allow us up to 3 times to request additional liquidity, redefining the repayment schedule.

In case you have received more than one loan and are interested in renegotiating the economic conditions, then the solution offered by Onecredit that is right for you is Credit Express Compact. Also in this case the type of financing we are talking about is the consolidation of debts. Onecredit offers a sum of money ranging from 2000 euros to 50000 euros, with the possibility of repayment over a period of 36 months to 120 months. In this way, it will therefore be possible to renegotiate the conditions of the loans previously received, as well as being able to receive additional liquidity.

How to renegotiate a personal Government Agency loan for employees and retirees

Loan 80000 euros

If you are employed or retired, among the best financing options available to you are Government Agency payday loans. This type of financing offers favorable terms to these two categories of customers, with very low interest rates. For several years now, the management of these loans has passed to Social Institute, even if often we still talk about Government Agency loans to identify subsidized loans for employees and pensioners. As we know, these two categories of clients are well-liked by banks, as they can guarantee a fixed monthly income represented by salary or pension. For this reason, the type of loan offered is the so-called sale of the fifth, which provides repayment installments that never exceed 20% of the salary or net pension.

In the event that you received an Government Agency loan with assignment of the fifth you can renegotiate the conditions. In particular, the common request is that of additional liquidity. In the case of the sale of the fifth usually there will be no particular problems, thanks to the guarantee of the paycheck or pension. The only constraint usually fixed is that of the timing for the renegotiation of the loan. In fact, 40% of the total duration of the loan must have elapsed to request additional liquidity. In the case of five-year loans, for example, prior to renegotiating the loan, it will be 24 months. Then you can then request an additional amount of money and redefine the repayment plan according to your needs.