Money mart payday loan online -We specialize in small payday loans

We specialize in small payday loans

If you find yourself in the situation of being a bad credit but need a small payday loan fast, we can tell you that you are in a difficult situation but there are some possibilities to get a loan, click here to visit Payday Champion for free

You find yourself being reported as a bad payer if you had a delay in paying a loan installment or a loan 2 or more times. In fact, in the case of the first delay in paying an installment, the bank or financial institution limits itself to solicit payment. In the event of a second payment delay, the bank is obliged to report your name to the credit information system (SIC). The most famous database is CRIF. If you are reported as a bad payer to the CRIF, you will remain for a maximum of 3 years, unless you are again reported for further problems. If you need a small loan in these 36 months, you have some chances to get it. Let’s see how.


If you are a bad paying CRIF, you are in a difficult situation to get another loan, but you still have a chance. Let’s see them below:

  • assignment of the fifth. Know that this is certainly the most feasible way to get a loan in your bad payer situation because your paycheck is the direct guarantee of secure repayment of the debt;
  • loans changed. It is possible to find loans that have been changed even for bad payers, but we would like to point out that you will probably have to present a guarantor to protect the loan, even for small amounts.
  • Quick small loans online. Also, in this case, it is likely that they will ask you to present a guarantor or to mortgage value of your property;
  • Pawnshop. The guarantee is directly on the object that you commit. You will be given the sum equivalent to the value of the item you leave. If you do not return the loan, you will not be returned the item;
  • A loan between friends and relatives. In this case, if you are willing to trust you, the only guarantee is your word.

As you may have noticed, the fact that you are a bad payer questions the fact that you can repay the debt. For this reason, in every situation presented above (except for the loan between relatives) a guarantee is required to protect the bank or the financial company from a possible non-payment of the installment. We believe this aspect is more than understandable.

In any case, reporting to the CRIF will be temporary. If you need a quick loan right away, we recommend that you apply online to AdamCredit. Even if you are a bad payer you can request up to € 60,000.