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Companies providing non-bank loans have already accustomed us to the fact that all procedures related to obtaining a loan can be carried out via the Internet. In the case of bank loans, unfortunately, it looks a bit different, because only some of them provide online cash loans. If you want to know what banks will give you an online loan and in which loan companies it is possible to get not too expensive to pay online loans, today’s article is worth exploring.

Once, banks were associated with the fact that you have to wait a long time for a cash loan. At least two visits to a bank branch, the provision of documents confirming income received and a number of other additional formalities were necessary. Somewhere at the beginning of the last decade, this situation began to change for the better, of course to the benefit of a potential borrower. To accurately approximate the beginning of online loans in Poland, it would be necessary to withdraw to 1998. It was in these years that the Universal Bank in Łódź, which no longer exists today, launched the first bank account in Poland with access via the Internet. Two years later, employees of the same bank, in November 2000, created mBank, the first virtual bank in Poland, well known to us. A moment later, a whole group of other banks appeared, which started offering their clients various types of financial products via the Internet. Already in 2002, the loan application could be submitted online.

Banks providing online cash loans

Banks providing online cash loans

Of course, it was not immediately possible to get a loan completely online . For a good start banks launched the possibility of submitting the application itself via the Internet. Other procedures, such as the delivery of a certificate of income or signing a loan agreement, were already dealt with at the nearest bank outlet. Since then, exactly 15 years have passed and online banking in our country has largely moved forward. Today, we are not only able to open and maintain a bank account online. We can also set up a deposit via the Internet, increase the account limit or receive a cash loan via the Internet. In the latter case, starting from submitting the application online, to receiving cash straight to our bank account. And all this without leaving your home.

Unfortunately, although we have several dozen banks offering cash loans in Poland, it is only possible to obtain a loan from A to Z via the Internet only in some of them. Why are not all banks providing online cash loans yet? It is difficult to say clearly. Perhaps they are afraid that by verifying a potential borrower via the internet, they will not check such a person too closely when granting a loan. In any case, those banks that provide online loans do not have their limitations and often grant credit at a specified maximum amount. According to my information, the most common limit is the amount of the loan in the amount of PLN 10,000, sometimes this amount can reach up to PLN 20,000. This was so far, because with the emergence of online credit in Poland, the Inbank brand , the maximum amount of credit available online increased to PLN 50,000. It is a bank where all financial products are offered via the Internet, including cash and car loans.

What will we need to get a loan online? Of course, the basis is to have an up-to-date ID card. Most of the data that is contained on it, we will have to provide in the online application for a loan. An additional verification method is often a verification transfer. It involves transferring a certain amount (1 grosz or 1 PLN) from a bank account established in any bank. However, we must be the holder of this bank account and not our Aunt, Uncle or Grandma. It will not happen without presenting a document that will show the income we receive. Some banks are still practicing presenting such information on an individual print, which first needs to be printed and then handed to the employer. In some banks, it is enough to download an extract from our bank account, on which information about the receipts will be provided.

In the loan company we also get online cash loans

In the loan company we also get online cash loans

Not only in banks, we can get a loan entirely via the Internet. We will also have such an opportunity through loan companies. These even more than banks allow you to get extra cash online. Unfortunately, although these types of loans are a little easier to access from online bank loans, they are slightly more expensive to pay. Therefore, in my opinion, they are a good alternative, but in a situation when the bank refuses our loan application, eg due to low creditworthiness . Or be in a situation where we need cash in a flashy time, preferably on the same day. Loan companies can fulfill this task 100%, but it is worth finding a loan company that will offer us the lowest loan costs .

Finding relatively cheaper non-bank loans with monthly installments should not be a big problem for us. Most companies that provide such loans have a special loan calculator on their websites. With his help, we can calculate how much the loan will cost us. They give the amount of the loan and the repayment period, the cost of the loan will be immediately converted. And so both the amount of the monthly installment, as well as the total amount to repay, ie the amount of the loan + the cost of the loan. In this way, we can find the cheapest loan offer, which we get by non-bank.

The formalities associated with receiving such a loan are very similar to the formalities when granting online cash loans. The first step is submitting the application and sending a verification transfer. Although sometimes loan companies have alternative solutions, which consist in obtaining a loan without transferring verification fees . Once we are able to complete these two steps, the loan company contacts us by phone to confirm all the information previously provided. Our data is verified and if everything is ok, the company makes a positive decision to grant us a loan. Non-banking loan transfer is usually carried out several hours after the verification. Sometimes this time is even shorter and closes within a dozen or several dozen minutes.

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